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neon sign of a brain with question mark and exclamation marks inside to indicate psychology thinking

CER568 Advanced Sports Psychology

Time limit: 112 days
4 credits

$275 Enroll

Full course description

As the hub of the high performance team, coaches need to not only possess the technical and tactical expertise of the sport, but must also be able to integrate the work of the other specialists on the performance team. One of the areas that coaches must have a fundamental knowledge of is sports psychology. The mental aspects of performance are important in every sport. At the international elite levels of competition the differences in physical skills and experience are so small that it is often the mental preparation of the athletes that makes all of the difference. Coaches stand in a unique position to connect both the science of psychology with the practice of sport and to connect the expertise of the sport psychology professional (SPP) to the athletes. In some situations, athletes and teams will have direct access to a SPP, however for most coaches, they themselves will play a large role in delivery the psychological skills training plan developed to the athletes. 

This advanced course focuses on the ability of coaches to utilize psychological concepts of elite sport performance to enhance athlete development, practice design, and competitive outcomes. It is designed to provide coaches with the latest research and best principles related to effective Psychological Skills Training and the development of a robust Team Culture. The core functions of coaches, as constructed by the ICCE’s International Sport Coaching Framework, such as Shape the Environment, Build Relationships, Conduct Practices & Construct Competitions, and Read & React to the Field will be discussed and applied.