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Esports team with their hands up in the air and yelling and smiling because they won

CET571 Esports: Coaching Methodology

Time limit: 112 days
4 credits

$200 Enroll

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Becoming a quality coach requires the development of proficiency across a number of functional areas. Developing into a coach that can oversee a comprehensive esports program requires a systematic integration of academic study and front-line coaching experience. This course is designed to provide that systematic process of incorporating practical esports coaching experience with formal educational course material. Students will examine the six primary functions of a quality coach (Set the Vision, Shape the Environment, Build Relationships, Conduct Practices and Structure Competition, Read & React to the Field, and Learn & Reflect) from the perspective of their specific esports context (game title, developmental level of athletes, structural and social supports). Students will develop their personal Envision (Plan), Enact (Implement), Evaluate (Review), and Enhance.