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NHSBA - Foundations of Strength Training

Started Feb 23, 2024

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Full course description

This course offers an overview of the musculoskeletal system and body mechanics; the biomechanical principles underlying the manifestation of human strength and power; and the primary sources of resistance to muscle contraction used in exercise devices. While anatomy encompasses the study of the components that make up the musculoskeletal “machine”, biomechanics focuses on the mechanisms through which these components interact to create movement.

This course also describes the adaptations that occur in bone, muscle, and connective tissue in response to various anaerobic exercise programs. Understanding how individual components of the musculoskeletal system adapt to physical activity provides a knowledge base from which the strength and conditioning professional can predict the outcome of a specific training program. 

Overall, this course gets you started on the basic systems involved in strength and conditioning and offers you a launching pad for both coaches and athletes alike to the world of strength and conditioning.