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golf clubs in front of a blurred blue background

Coaching Golf - for NAofA

Started Jun 1, 2023
4 credits

$150 Enroll

Full course description

Get ready to climb the staircase to coaching golf successfully. You do this by climbing one step at a time. The first few steps of the staircase provide a foundation – a solid base of skills and concepts. As you progress further, you will learn how to teach the basic golf swing and modify it to meet any situation on the golf course. The text for this course, Golf: Steps to Success, is organized into 3 introductory sections and 12 Steps. We have re-organized it into 10 units as shown in the course readings. Each of the ten units in this course contains a unit overview, learning objectives, a reading assignment, discussion/assignment, and a quiz designed to facilitate your development and transfer of new skills and knowledge. It is important that you become part of this course’s learning community by reading the thoughts and comments of others and providing feedback as well. It is the focus of this course to present, discuss and develop an understanding of coaching golf successfully.