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Sports Psychology - for NAofA

Started Jun 1, 2023
4 credits

$195 Enroll

Full course description

This course focuses on the study of human behavior in sports and exercise settings. It is designed to provide the student with information about research in the field of sports psychology as well as practical knowledge to become a more effective fitness instructor, athlete, athletic administrator, physical educator, or coach.
Sports psychology has significantly changed the lives of many athletes, coaches, and other sports and exercise professionals. It has done so by providing us with knowledge to bridge the gap between research and practice.

This course will begin to familiarize you with this field by conveying fundamental principles of the professional practice of exercise psychology and how it fits into the world of sports and exercise. By beginning to understand these important concepts, you will see how you can help athletes to improve their skills as well as helping them to improve their mental game. This knowledge will give you the edge on your competition by improving the overall game, attitude, efforts, and motivation of already talented athletes.